Q: Is it easy to use?

A: Yes, it’s a 3 nights course. One Virgin tablet (pessary) to be kept in vagina at bedtime. Repeat for two more nights.


  • Dip a tablet in water for a minute and place it in the applicator.
  • Insert the applicator (having the tablet) inside the vagina and drop the tablet within. keep it inside the whole night.
  • Ensure to keep narrow side of the applicator out of vagina.
  • Remove any leftover tablet parts (if present) from the vagina the next morning.
  • Remove the applicator, wash it and its ready to be reused to apply the tablet the next night.
  • A mild discomfort may be felt in the pelvic muscles below the belly which subsides soon, and is normal.
  • The above therapy needs to be done continuously for 3 nights.

Q: Do we require any precautions during this therapy?

A:  Yes, below are the general precautions one can practice.

  • Take care of hygiene while doing this process.
  • Therapy is meant to rejuvenation private (vaginal) parts of females. Revive vaginal contraction, and cure common ailments of vagina.
  • It is recommended not to do sexual intercourse during usage, and after 3 days of usage for optimal results.

Q: Is it safe to use?

A: Yes, it contains no chemicals and is a simple process.

Q: Is there any side effects of using this therapy?

A:  No, the herbs/elements which are present in Virgin are natural and safe.

Q: How soon can we the results?

A: Vaginal contraction can be sensed the next day (when the therapy starts) and final result will be obtained during the third day, including vaginal shape restoration.

Q: How soon can the therapy be repeated?

A: Therapy can be repeated after few months or whenever further desired, it’s harmless.

Q: How long does the affect remains after therapy?

A: Therapy can be effective from 6 months to 2 years, depends on one’s body temperament, age and health.

Q: Who should avoid this therapy?

A: Females during major vaginal infections, menstruation and pregnancy are advised to use after above mentioned conditions subside.

Q: Are there any health benefits achieved after using this therapy?

A: Yes, this therapy helps in below feminine issues also-

  • regulating menstruation periods.
  • maintaining the vaginal pH balance thereby preventing infections.
  • reduces leukorrhea (“the whites”) effectively in 3 days therapy.
  • strengthens urethra and reduces involuntary urine discharge.
  • beneficial in prolapsed uterus disorder.

Q: Is it verified and tested product?

A: Yes, many satisfied customers worldwide since two decades. Tested and verified with various women in different geographies.