Is it easy? Yes 3 days continuous course, one tablet in vagina every night for 3 days only.

Is it safe? Simple natural process; No chemicals used.

What about side effects? No any side effects! Herbs/elements applied are natural and safe.

When final contraction will be achieved? Tightness can be sensed next day (when therapy starts) and final result will be obtained third day including vaginal shape restoration.

Repeating therapy? Therapy can be repeated after few months or when desired, it’s harmless.

How long it will effect? Therapy can be effective from 6 months to 2 years, depends on user’s body temperament, age and health.

Who cannot use? Females during major vaginal infections, menstruation and pregnancy are advised to use after above mentioned conditions end.

Menstruation problem? Yes, this therapy helps in regulating menstruation periods.

Urine problem? Virgin helps in preventing involuntary urine escape problem.

Infection care? Virgin helps to cure several infections through its beneficial herb characteristics.

Ailments? Most results will be obtained including cure of leucorrhoea in 3 days.

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