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Virgin Genitalia health Therapy for ladies

Blissful love through 3 days gentle therapy , Providing pleasant intimacy to couples worldwide since 20 years.

Love and life

Kama is defined as one of the four goals (Kama, Dharma, Artha and Moksha) of human life. The desire, wish and longing for sensuous love and attachment, an emotional feeling between male and female; its associated pleasures of senses mentioned in Kamasutra – an ancient Indian scientific sexual literature by Vatsyayana.

About Virgin Therapy

Virgin therapy is a distinctive process to rejuvenate vaginal rigidity, shape and fitness.

Intent of therapy is to retrieve back vaginal contraction and health similar in possession with a teenager, in her teen age (17 years/virgin) group.

Science behind the Virgin Therapy

Ayurveda – the science of life is known to have 8 different branches or specializations termed as Ashtanga Ayurveda.

Among those 8 branches, Jara Chikitsa (Rasayana) is the science which includes methods to delay the signs of ageing and provide rejuvenation therapies.

Virgin Therapy is based on the ancient Jara Chikitsa from Ashtanga Ayurveda.

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Essential functions of this medicine !


  • It restores hormonal balance

  • It prevents PCOD and PCOS ensuring menstrual regularities

  • It increases fertility by providing overall reproductional health.

  • It cures leucorrhoea

  • It helps in vaginal tightening hence leads to vaginal rejuvenation

  • It cures ulcers which further cause vaginal cancer

Research by Ayurvedacharyas

The Ayurveda division of Mohini Commercial Corporation developed this Virgin Therapy by continuous research of twenty-five years on Rasayana-tantra of Ayurveda. Herbs and elements implemented in this therapy are cultivated in specific regions of Himalayas to obtain maximum benefits. Our process of manufacturing is based on Rasayana -tantra the science of Indian alchemy or proto-chemistry as described in Ayurveda.

Principle of 3 days therapy

Virgin’s results are shown in 3 days as it uses quick healing methods - research of treatment and methods for instant outcomes based on ancient treatment therapy and herbs.

Restoration through Virgin Therapy:

• Virgin therapy’s main objective is to rejuvenate vaginal health for sexual pleasure of couples. • Provides intensity to pelvic muscles surrounding the vagina, especially the pubococcygeus muscle for elasticity of vagina. • Offers strength to pelvic floor muscles which are the main tissues responsible for vaginal tightness. • Therapy shapes Labia Minora and Labia Majora, essential for attractive vaginal shape. As an immediate significant outcome of this therapy, the shape of the vulva is retrieved as young and elegant. • Elements in therapy improves blood flow to elevate extreme sensations. • Regulates vaginal secretions essential for extreme pleasure. • Herbs implemented in therapy replace dead cells with new healthy cells. • The outcome of therapy is a perfect vagina in all characteristics. • The composition and process implementation in Virgin therapy has a potency to increase a women’s libido for constant authentic pleasure, leading to ultimate feminine felicity.


• Dip the tablet in water for one to two minutes before use. • Keep the tablet in applicator, using the narrow side out place it deep inside vagina before going to bed at night. Keep inside the whole night. • Remove remaining part of tablet (if found) in the morning. • Repeat this process constantly for another two nights consecutively. Some discomfort and pain might be felt below belly during this course which may normally subside.


• Take good care of hygiene while doing this process. • Therapy is meant to rejuvenate private (vaginal) parts of females and thereby revive vaginal contraction and cure common ailments of vagina. • It is recommended not to do sexual intercourse during usage and after 3 days of usage for optimal results.

Additional health benefits

• Beneficial herbs in this therapy help to prevent vaginal infection. • Strengthens urethra & prevents involuntary urine escape. • Therapy is beneficial in prolapsed uterus disorder.